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A Life of Inspiration and Adventure

I believe the experience of making art should be shared, and that life should be an adventure. I do my best to keep my mojo building by challenging my own creative process, and taking all opportunities to laugh and create more beauty while I’m alive on this incredible planet. I was not given the opportunity of a formal arts education, but my life experience has filled my palette and my portfolio with enough color to span the globe.

My next great adventure is the renovation of the old Strand Theater in Lambertville. Gutted by fire in 1969, the 5,000 sq ft building has be used as warehouse for over 50 years. We are bringing it back to the arts. The Lambertville Planning Board unanimously approved my plans for a mixed use multipurpose art space that will include an assembly space/ black box, two studios, a mezzanine gallery, and a my live/work studio in the rear of the building. We hope to begin renovations very soon, and I look forward to welcoming friends, neighbors, clients, and collectors to this new space that will surely infuse Lambertville with all kinds of fun.

“Rock and Roll Voodoo”, will be auctioned off to help fund the new Lambertville Strand arts space.

“Rock and Roll Voodoo” was created at the Rolling Stones private Halloween party during their Voodoo Lounge tour in 1994. All of the Rolling Stones and many of their guests stuck thier fingers in paint for me and added paint strokes and their signatures to my 88″ x 68″ canvas. I told them long ago that I would do something awesome with it someday.

The day has come. Stay tuned, more soon…

I’m working to ‘grow my mojo’ like only the arts can. Covid and personal loss took a bit of a toll, and I’m immersing myself in art, books, and nature. If you need a bit of inspiration please join me in a new series designed for beginning painters. I share all I know about The Basics of Oil Painting, and how to grow your creative mojo. The first session is live right now!

Kelly's Mojo - Virtual Workshops
Kelly Sullivan
Kelly Sullivan Online Classes

Online Classes

Enroll now.

A six-session interactive workshop that covers the basics of oil painting, giving you a solid foundation from which to create your own expressive paintings.

Progress at your own pace in your own space while getting joy and encouragement from the other new painters enrolled in the workshop from around the country.

Just added, bi-weekly, live from the studio Zoom calls.


Kelly Sullivan Fine Art

Fine Art

One of my latest series of paintings is called “My Storybook Village,” and is inspired by my love for the town where I work and live, Lambertville, N.J. In the months ahead, I will continue to paint this beautiful river village as well as a few of the characters who live here. I also paint a variety of small plein air paintings from my travels around the country.

Click on through to see the latest works off my easel. Landscape and portrait commissions available. I would be honored to have my work join your collection.


Kelly Sullivan Collaborative Art

Collaborative Art

For more than 25 years, I have been creating customized pieces of collaborative art for corporate clients around the world. These large scale works of art are generally created at events and are designed to amplify the message of each client.

A new digital version called Paint.Team is also available for those who want to create a meaningful piece of art together, but can not be in the same location. Each project is completely customized to the needs of each client. This is fun and powerful work!


You can now purchase my work and NTFs of my paintings (classical and ‘scribble art’) with Etherium Cryptocurrancy! Wahoo. Go wild man!

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Barbed Wire

About “The Basics of Oil Painting”

You can now purchase my work and NFTs of my paintings (classical and ‘scribble art’) with Etherium Cryptocurrancy! Wahoo. Go wild man!

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Lambertville Strand

Lambertville Strand Theater

Learn More about The Strand

Engaging and Inspiring Teams Worldwide

Engaging and Inspiring Teams Worldwide

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