Collaborative Art

Individual Talents Come Together to Create the Bigger Picture

We help teams demonstrate their collective vision through art. Our hands-on, inclusive process enhances creativity and activates imagination. The benefits of participating in the arts are well documented, and the effects are long-term and cumulative.

FingerSmears from an NJEA Event

Each piece is unique and guaranteed to wow participants. Possibilities are nearly endless … I always enjoy working with Kelly and her team.

Sven Ebinger | Director of Marketing, Terex


FingerSmears® are a large-scale commemorative painting created under my direction using paint smears from hundreds or thousands of people on one canvas.

Some of the worlds largest corporations including Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi, Owens Corning, and Terex, as well as celebrities like The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Willem DeFoe, Carole Burnette, Harrison Ford, Carson Kressley, Jason Giambi, and others have all stuck their fingers in paint to be a part of my FingerSmear® work.

You brought creativity, passion and guidance in our FingerSmear team painting. It leaves us with a colorful piece of art that brings back these intense moments of joy and cohesion. It was more than a true pleasure to have you amongst us!

Minerva Cortens | PMO, Johnson & Johnson


If your team is spread around the globe we can use our digital FingerSmear® which allows them to collaborate through a web application called Paint.Team. Log on and give it a scribble, or download the introductory PDF here.

“Love from Lambertville”

Join this open collaborative project now and remind yourself how much fun it is to color, scribble, send words of love out into the world…  You can paint on this project anonymously, or create an account to track the projects you want to paint in. 

Jump on in here! 

“Standing Together” created live at the 2018 NJEA Conference. 

The creation of Paint.Team is a natural progression of my life’s work: pioneering the collaborative artistic experience from conception to execution of large format, multi-participant art. Software developer Doug Moreland and I partnered to bring collaborative finger painting into the 21st century with Paint.Team.

This type of collaboration is perfect for teams spread around the world who would like to come together under one common goal. The designers at Paint.Team create a custom template for your team, and you add all of the color. Fun customization tools allow you to track progress, add comments, and create custom color pallets. SVG technology allows you to print or project your art in huge format, and watch mark by mark playbacks of all the fun.

We can also create your project on a trade show floor as attendees watch the action happen on a large screen high above the crowds – so many possibilities for memorable engagement.

Gratitude Grafitti Puzzle

This bright interactive painting exercise stretches imagination and is a great team building experience. Teams work in groups to fill abstract shapes with color and words of gratitude (or hope, vision, sales goals…). Every piece of the puzzle is touched by multiple team members and the art unfolds as they find where their pieces fit into the overall painting. All puzzles are custom designed and cut to amplify the clients message, color palettes, size restraints, team size… The final pieces can be permanently mounted and reproduced for all participants.

Super-Self Portrait

If you want to bring your team even further into the creative process, we will design a workshop specific to your creative needs. This might include a Super-Self Portrait that will give your team the opportunity to reach in and re-discover the things that bring clarity and joy to their lives, and/or a key note that addresses our societal need for creativity, compassion and connectedness. Check availability for your event →

There’s something magical about being invited to finger paint with a group of adults. Kelly creates a great experience that allowed us to playfully tap into our creativity in a fun and meaningful way. I highly recommend…

Scott Wintrip | Author, High Velocity Hiring

Tailored to Your Team

No matter the nature or size of your team, we will design a tangible shared art experience that is meaningful, memorable, and fun.

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