Bring your team together in a way they will not soon forget.

Collaborative Art to commemorate your event, well orchestrated and fun!

FingerSmears® are large scale commemorative paintings created under Kelly’s direction using dabs of paint from hundreds, sometimes thousands of people on one canvas.   From Fortune 500 CEO’s to rock stars to community fundraisers, over 100,000 people around the world have dipped their fingers in paint to participate in Kelly’s collaborative works.   FingerSmears®  have been commissioned to commemorate All Star Baseball Games, The US Open, The 50th Anniversary of the United Nations and The National Walk for Epilepsy on the Mall in Washington, DC. 

An excerpt from “One individual after another would dip his or her fingertips into piles  …  see full article here.

“Standing Together” created live at the 2018 NJEA Teachers Convention with a little help from members who couldn’t attend and logged on remotely to add their mark.


the digital evolution of a FingerSmear co-created with Software Inventor Doug Moreland

The creation of Paint.Team is a natural progression of Kelly Sullivan’s life’s work: pioneering the collaborative artistic experience from conception to execution of large format, multi-participant art. Kelly, along with Software Inventor Doug Moreland,  bring collaborative finger painting into the 21st century with their new digital web application, Paint.Team. 

This type of collaboration is perfect for teams spread around the world who would like to come together under one common goal.  The designers at Paint.Team create a custom template for your team, and you add all of the color.  Fun customization tools allow you to track progress, add comments, and create custom color pallets. SVG technology allows you to print or project your art in huge format, and watch mark by mark playbacks of all the fun. 

We can also create your project on a trade show floor as attendees watch the action happen on a large screen high above the crowds. So may possibilities for memorable engagement. 


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The Super-Self-Portrait

For teams who want to go a bit deeper into the creative process

For those who want to go further into the creative process, this workshop will give your team the opportunity to reach in and rediscover the things that bring clarity and joy to their lives through a fun, communication-packed visual exploration – and some finger paint.

The Super-Self-Portrait was developed by Kelly to empower adolescent girls around the world as part of her Mighty Fingers Facing Change Project, but a fun experiment in the studio with adult colleagues proved that big kids like it too!

“There’s something magical about being invited to finger paint with a group of adults. Kelly creates a great experience that allowed us to playfully tap into our creativity in a fun and meaningful way. I highly recommend this experience.”  Scott Wintrip, author of High Velocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant

Invite Kelly to help your group create Super-Self-Portriats!