Lambertville Strand

The renovation of The Strand Theater in Lambertville will enhance the economic vitality of our immediate community, as well as attract visitors from around the state of NJ and beyond. Our great little city has a need for a small assembly/performance spaces geared toward high quality artistic development and community use. Preserving a piece of our architectural and artistic history in a circa 1915 movie house that holds fond memories for so many locals is an important part of our efforts. The Lambertville Strand sits at 12-14 Coryell Street – the oldest street in Lambertville, three doors from the canal path, in the heart of our commercial district.

Kelly in Lambertville Strand

Since the fire in 1969 the building has been used as a warehouse. In search of nails one day I blurted my love for this old building to Rachel Finkle, and she offered to sell it to me. Careful what you blurt… My husband Tom and I secured a purchase agreement on the Strand and after a year of navigating the city application process my proposal passed with unanimous approval.

I am in full planning mode with engineers, architects, and tradesmen. Difficulties created by COVID-19 have slowed progress, but not my determination to see it through.

The Strand is currently being emptied of 50 years worth of storage and we hope to take possession of the building in the fall of 2021. We are engaging community members as an advisory team and working to structure partnerships that will ensure the long-term success of The Lambertville Strand. We welcome your thoughts and talents.

If you are interested in more information about The Lambertville Strand project please call Kelly at 732-233-5614 or email

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